City Academy 
Advisory Council (CAAC)

City Academy Advisory Council (CAAC)

The City Academy Advisory Council (CAAC) meets virtually and in-person on the second Tuesday of each month October–May. The Council has a parent chair and a total of at least two more parents than other adult members, two teachers, two students, and the school director. All CAAC members are elected by their constituencies. All CAAC meetings follow open meeting laws.

The Council is mandated by state law and its purpose is to advise the City Academy Board and Executive Director on the following: Use of School LAND Trust funds, The Teacher and Student Success Act Plan, The School Safety Plan, Comprehensive Guidance Policy, School Fees, Title I programs, Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety, Student Transportation Plan, First Amendment School matters, School Wellness Program, Extended Day Programs, and any other issues of concern to the school population as a whole.

One of the primary duties of the CAAC is to act as the School Land Trust Council. Each year City Academy receives LAND Trust funding to address goals from our school improvement plan. A copy of the previous school year final School Land Trust Report is available Here

CAAC Membership




Secretary, Parent 7th & 8th Grades
Joy Pierce
Parent 9th Grade
Joel Brown
Parent 10th Grade
Anne Cheeney
CAAC Chair, Parent 11th & 12th Grades
Debbie Eckert
Dennis Pedersen
Sonia Woodbury