City Academy 
Our Story

City Academy's Mission

To graduate responsible, informed citizens who have achieved their best academic success.

We do this through distinctive teaching that is engaging, investigative and thought-provoking; close attention to each student’s finest learning and personal progress; and involving students in exploration of civic and current issues in our city.
Since City Academy opened its doors in the fall of 2000, our tuition-free Salt Lake City charter school for 7th – 12th grade students has earned a reputation for truly helping its diverse student body transition from youth to adulthood.
At City Academy, students are taught how to think, communicate and problem solve in ways that simply aren’t found in most other schools’ curriculums.
The University of Utah educators who founded City Academy wanted the school and its students to play a role in improving the community’s quality of life. They also knew that as students were serving in the community, they were simultaneously broadening their learning through their involvement. The real-life experiences from these service opportunities complement our students’ classroom learning. As a part of this commitment to academic service learning, each one of our students completes field work and an internship as a part of graduation.
We are committed to achieving the promise of public education – to provide a high quality preparatory education for every student through an approach that builds the intellectual, creative, personal, social, and civic capacity of our students.

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