City Academy 
Policy & Reports

City Academy School LAND Trust Report

City academy greatly appreciates and benefits from funding received from the School LAND Trust. Click HERE for our latest report.

City Academy Accountability Report

The Utah State Board of Education publishes accountability reports for all public schools on their website. The report for City Academy can be found HERE.

City Academy Charter

City Academy was originally chartered by the Utah State Board of Education as Center City School in 1999. The school charter was then converted to a Utah State Charter School Board charter school in 2004 and renamed City Academy.

City Academy Student Data Privacy Policy

City Academy fully conforms with all state and federal student data privacy laws. We ensure this security by following our City Academy Data Governance Plan.

City Academy Digital Teaching & Learning Plan

City Academy has a comprehensive five-year plan for digital teaching and learning. Our plan aligns with and expands upon state strategic initiatives to improve digital teaching and learning.

City Academy Wellness Policy

City Academy has a comprehensive wellness policy that includes strategic initiatives to support and promote good nutrition, physical activity, and other activities and programs that promote wellness in our school community. Our plan aligns with and expands upon state strategic initiatives to improve wellness.

City Academy Fiscal & Purchasing Policy

To read the City Academy fiscal and procurement policy click here.

City Academy Fees Policy

City Academy’s Fee Schedule has changed to align with new state rules. The updated fee schedules were developed with recommendations and input from City Academy Advisory Council and school administrators. The changes include a spending plan that lists the anticipated types of uses for each fee, and a maximum total aggregate amount that a student may be charged annually.

Policy Handbook

For your convenience, we have provided the City Academy Policy Packet for the current school year on our website. The Policy Packet includes policies and procedures as outlined below:
City Academy’s Mission & Compact for Success
Dress Code
Fees & Fee Waivers
Policies to Help our School Community Function Effectively
Appropriate and Safe Behavior in the School Community
Technology, Internet, & Network Responsible Use