City Academy 

City Academy Introduces Personal Education Plans for Students September 2022

January 20, 2023

City Academy introduced Personal Education Plans (PEP) for their students at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. PEPs are designed to assist students in achieving individually-based objectives with positive results by personally documenting achievements and highlights, class progress, aspirational goals, and citizenship throughout the year. Objective actions are recorded by each student to track what they are working on towards their individual plan goals.

The ultimate goal is to have each student take personal responsibility and own their PEP, which includes updating all content and goals within their document. Each student also receives support for their PEP process from their Advisor who meets with them weekly. The PEP program provides students independence in creating academic paths and monitoring their success while working towards individual goals. Students will then present results to their parents throughout the school year and in conjunction with instructors during Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Sonia Woodbury, City Academy Executive Director, said that it is the school’s mission to help students achieve their best possible success and to pay close attention to each student’s personal progress. The PEP is an excellent tool to help students make goals, track their progress, and celebrate achievements with their parents and teachers throughout the school year. City Academy is focused on providing opportunities and new academic measures to help their students attain personal achievement goals and celebrate academic success.