City Academy

Extended Day

Your personalized real-world education at City Academy includes the extra-curricular experiences and opportunities that expand and enhance your academic learning.
Learning goes on after, and before the bell rings!

At City Academy opportunities to learn and engage extend well beyond regular school hours. City Academy Learning Extension offers a variety of extra-curricular activities including teams, classes, study room, and social activities designed for middle and high school students.

Grants and donations support our school to extend our meaningful and inclusive educational approach through our City Academy Learning Extension (CALE) program. We may be a small school but we have many extra-curricular activities happening every day that provide our students extended opportunities to learn and grow. There is also a quiet study room available every day before and after school with an adult who can provide academic support as needed and requested.

CALE programs run before and after regular school hours as well as Saturdays. Breakfast and afternoon snacks for participants are available. Some activities come with a small fee - but a majority of what CALE offers is at no additional cost, and in some of our extension classes students can earn credit. Each program runs on its own posted schedule. Please explore the variety of programs available through each link below. Then click the calendar link for our school’s Google Calendar to see when all of our incredible CALE offerings are available.
Science Olympiad Team – An opportunity to pursue your interests in particular fields of science, math, and engineering with your peers or individually as a part of a team. Then, compete against other teams from across the state each spring.
Cyber Security Team – Take your coding and programing skills to a new level through work with your team mates to investigate methodologies and technologies to help organizations detect, understand, and deflect advanced cybersecurity threats and attacks on their infrastructure and in the cloud.
Honors Math & Math Team – If you love mathematics, work with other students with similar interests and a knowledgeable teacher on fascinating problems in mathematics. If you are interested, additionally prepare for annual Utah and national mathematics competitions.
Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Design – Learn to use the technologies that underpin AR/VR systems to develop applications that can change and impact numerous aspects of our lives.
Utah Science & Engineering Fair (USEF) – If there is something you really care about and are excited about then prepare for and enter the USEF with guidance from science, math, and engineering teachers.
Fine Arts
Studio Art – Advance your technique in painting, drawing, different media, and more during extended day time with amazing instructors. Build a portfolio for admissions to art programs, or just for your own satisfaction.
Graphic Design – Explore concepts and skills relating to the field of Graphic Design. Using digital design, digital painting, and by-hand media, students explore the job of Artists in the field of Design. (Must have passed Art Foundations to enroll)
Music – Study voice, guitar, or other string, woodwind, or brass instruments with the renown Gifted Music School (GMS). Students who wish to study with the excellent GMS teachers can arrange their City Academy schedule to do so. Additionally, GMS instructors will provide group classes for beginning and intermediate City Academy students.
Men’s and Women’s City Academy Basketball and Cross-Country Teams compete with the Utah Schools Sports Association (USSA), and we have a coed Junior Jazz Basketball Team for middle school students.
At City Academy students always have the opportunity to help form new teams in additional sports for our school – let Coach know!
Advanced and elite athletes who are training and competing outside of City Academy can take full advantage of our flexible scheduling to accommodate individual required schedules. You may also want to stay in shape during your off-seasons by playing with our USSA league or intramural teams.
Intramurals – Throughout the school year there are opportunities for all students to join and compete with intramural teams in various sports like for example: soccer, frisbee golf, and pickleball.