City Academy 
Meaningful Academics

City Academy has been a charter school in Salt Lake City for more than 20 years with a reputation of bringing out the best in each of our students.

Our curriculum driven by guiding questions enables each student to learn how to think independently, to develop knowledge, to find their voice, and to write and speak well.

As a public school we offer tuition-free schooling, but as an independent public school we can offer effective and meaningful teaching and learning that is designed for our students.
Our smaller class sizes allow each student to have more personalized teacher attention that supports better learning progress.
Our flexible approach to scheduling and course programs allows individual students to accomplish their personal educational goals during high school.
Our Personalized Competency-Based Learning and Assessment prepares and progresses individual students to their best attainment.
Blending self-pacing and self-direction with excellent classroom instruction.
Developing knowledge and skills in challenging academics while also developing a strong foundation for personal lifelong learning.
Six years of learning progress 7th-12th grades. No wasted years of middle school waiting for high school to “count.” No wasted senior year waiting for high school to end.