City Acade

Personal Education Plan

Each Student Has A Personal Education Plan
That Prepares Them for Their Future
During Middle and High School

City Academy’s goal is for all students to graduate from high school ready for college, careers, citizenship, and lifelong learning, and ready to pursue the future of their choosing.
We want our graduates to have prepared so that as many doors as possible are open to them.
The student Personal Education Plan (PEP):
Is a distinctive and essential feature of a City Academy education.
Includes flexibility for personalizing scheduling and course choices for each student’s finest learning progress.
Helps students become self-directed lifelong learners.
Development is supported through the Advisory Program
Operates on a weekly to 6-year scale.
Is integrated with any other student plans, such as IEPs or 504 Plans.
Our Advisory Program from 7th through 12th grades helps students find pertinent timely information, develop meaningful goals, and build their Personalized Education Plans for high school graduation and beyond.
City Academy students have many options in middle and high school for exploring interests, aptitudes, and advanced or specialized coursework so that our graduates can successfully navigate pathways to postsecondary opportunities.
During high school all students choose a combination of core classes; Career and Technical Education (CTE), Early College Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), Concurrent Enrollment (CE), High School U, Music, Visual Arts, work-based learning, and other options for meaningful learning opportunities that best suit their personal needs and life goals.