City Academy

Attendance Policy


City Academy knows from experience what research confirms: consistent class attendance matters.

Students cannot benefit from teachers’ investments in quality instruction and engaging, rigorous curriculum unless they are at school and participating in the classroom.

City Academy places a high priority on the classroom experience.

Class time is the most important reason why a student is required to attend school.
If a student misses class for any reason, the discussion, lab experiences, and learning cannot adequately be “made up” by providing an alternate assignment or packet. Homework from a missed class may not be doable without the learning from the class.
In some circumstances absences or extended absences may be necessary to appropriately recover from an illness or for some other unforeseen reason.

It is the responsibility of the student to make a prompt and earnest effort to work with their teachers to make up learning missed when any absence from class occurs.


Attend every school day, except when excused in accordance with school policy.
Discuss with the school counselor any issues that may interfere with good attendance.
Provide the school office with any communication from parent/guardian about attendance.
Immediately on return to school from any planned or unplanned absence, obtain from teachers any missed work, and complete this work as soon as possible, or as required by a teacher.


Contact the front office by 10:00 am if your student will be absent that day.
Send a note or email of excusal for tardy or absence to the front office upon a student’s return:
A parent may excuse up to three (3) tardies or absences each quarter.
Additional tardies or absences beyond 3 will be unexcused without a doctor’s note or other appropriate documentation.
As much as possible, schedule medical appointments, vacations, and other student or family events outside of school time.