City Academy 
School Fees & School Meals

School Fees – Policy

Annual School Fees
Any payment for student participation in a class, program, or activity is a fee and is subject to the fee waiver requirement.
All students are responsible to pay for any loss, breakage, or damage they cause to school property. Loss breakage, or damage is not subject to the fee waiver requirement.
Students may participate in group fundraising. Notification of the details of such fundraising will be provided to parents and students in advance. Students will not be denied membership in a group for lack of participation in fundraising.
Donations are permissible, but all such requests are voluntary. A student may not be excluded from an activity or program because they did not make a donation.
The maximum annual amount of fees that a student may be charged is $1,000. The actual amount charged per student may be less.

Pay Fees

Pay school fees and meal balances online by clicking here.
Fee Waivers
Eligibility for fee waivers is presumed for students who are:
eligible for free school lunch;
receiving public assistance in the form of Aid to Families with Dependent Children, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI); or
in foster care or in state custody.
Eligibility for reduced school lunch does not qualify for a fee waiver. Mandatory fees must be paid.
Case by case determinations are to be made for those who do not qualify under one of the standards above but who, because of extenuating circumstances such as, but not limited to, exceptional financial burdens such as loss or substantial reduction of income or extraordinary medical expenses, are not reasonably capable of paying the fee.

School Meals

Breakfast and Lunch Orders

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are available to each student every day at school according to our Meals, Food, and Beverages Policy. Food is delivered from West High School each day that school is in session. Breakfast is served at 7:40 a.m. and lunch is served during school lunch break for all students. Healthy snacks are available at the end of the lunch period as well as before and after the regular school day.


All breakfast orders must be submitted one day prior to service and lunch orders must be placed before your first class on the day the meal is served. Orders are placed at the front desk of the school.

Account Balances

All lunch and breakfast orders require a positive account balance in your meals account that can be viewed on your Aspire page. Please deposit money in your account by sending cash or a check to the front desk at City Academy or by paying online - click here.