City Academy 
Dedicated Faculty and Staff

We expect our students to be serious learners and we value good communication with parents and guardians to support each student’s best success. The educators at City Academy are passionate about making a difference for your middle and high school students. Please contact us right away with any questions, celebrations, or concerns. All teachers at City Academy hold a Professional License through the state of Utah and are endorsed in the subjects they are teaching, link to the Utah Educator Look-up Tool.

Gifted Music School @ City Academy is a new program starting in 2021 for students at City Academy with an interest in studying music through working with Gifted Music School’s (GMS) faculty, courses, equipment, and facilities within their school day schedule. GMS teachers hold a site-specific license for teaching music at City Academy. Currently there is one GMS teacher with a site specific license. Board policy for site-licensed teachers is here.




Boppana, Ram Prasad
Business Manager
Gabriele, Rob
Jackson, Christal
Kaneko, Pepper
Special Education
Kendrick, Casey
English Teacher
Lenzi, Kristina
Visual Art
Leo, Joe
Social Studies
Lockwood, Kellie
Principal & Special Education Coordinator
Mackintosh, Lindsay
Morris, Ricky
Facilities Manager
North, Tricia
PE, Athletics
O’Bagy, Mariah
Social Studies
Orr, Gareth
Social Studies & Lead Teacher
Padilla, Alma
Personal Learning Time Instructor
Pederson, Dennis
Physics & Computer Science
Ramirez, Yocelin
Office Manager
Richards-Gebbia, Shannon
Special Education
Scoville, Lillian
Math & Special Education
Shepherd, Jan
Registrar & Back Office
Woodbury, Sonia
Executive Director