City Academy 

What are the benefits of learning in-person in smaller classes?

June 22, 2022

As a parent, you want your child to receive the best education possible. There are many elements that factor in, but at or near the top of every list will be classroom size.

At City Academy, smaller class sizes with personalized meaningful learning opportunities are a foundation of our charter school program. We want our teachers to get the most learning progress from every student, and to us that means limiting class sizes and increasing individual attention from teachers. How can your child benefit from smaller class sizes? Let’s take a look.

One-on-One Attention

The simplest benefit is often the greatest one as well. Fewer students in the classroom naturally means teachers will spend more time with each individual student, time that can be spent enhancing their strong areas and working on their weaker ones. This will benefit the students themselves, but can also have major effects on teachers, who won’t be spread quite as thin and can feel more secure about getting each student the proper attention.

Fewer Disruptions

This is another natural benefit of a smaller number of students: Fewer organizational issues.

Instead of group activities taking 15 minutes to set up and get started while dozens of students use the movement as an excuse to goof off, smaller class sizes makes collaborative activities more doable. There are fewer personality conflicts between students, and the issues that do arise are easier for educators to address.

More Organic Interaction

Many students in huge, crowded school programs will naturally become introverts – so many faces can be intimidating. A smaller class setting, though, offers a bit more comfort with social elements, and a more forgiving atmosphere. Students can get to know each other better, which in turn enhances other learning elements like group work and class discussions.

Tailored Lessons

Beyond simply receiving the one-on-one time they need with teachers and other students, smaller class sizes offer a great way for students to receive the personalized lessons they often need. What works for one child may not work as well for another, and those odds get worse and worse the larger the class becomes.

With a smaller class, teachers can tailor lessons with much more specificity. They can adjust lessons for individuals without worrying about standardization or wasting time, a great way to prevent children who are struggling with certain elements from falling hopelessly behind.

At City Academy, class sizes from middle school through high school are kept small and comfortable for the benefit of your student. Our welcoming staff is standing by to answer your questions today.