City Academy 
Flexible Scheduling

What Flexibility Do You Need In Your High School Schedule and Classes?

Flexibility in the City Academy daily and weekly schedule offers high school students a lot more than just a late starting time.
At City Academy each student has a Personal Education Plan (PEP) within which students design a daily and quarterly schedule of classes that is right for their interests and goals as well as for their best learning progress. The schedule can allow for later start times based on student needs and preferences. Students can also incorporate self-paced learning and/or extend their learning day to take advantage of even more classes, teams, and other learning opportunities.

A full-time student is registered for at least six periods or credits each school year.

Core Curriculum
Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Music or Visual Arts Emphasis
Physical Education
Electives and Interim Intensives
Core Curriculum credits in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies follow a meaningful progression from 7th through 12th grades including options for foundations-level and early college course work. These meaningful distinctively-taught core classes are built into the daily schedule so that they allow as much flexibility as possible for personal choice in the rest of a student’s curriculum of study.
Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a newly expanded part of course offerings at City Academy. Our Computer Science Career Pathway Program now gives all middle and high school students the ability to take courses in coding, programming, and robotics.
For high school students who want more specialized preparation there are teacher-mentored, self-paced opportunities:
Certificate programs in two career pathways - Cyber Security and Programming and Software
Industry recognized certifications in areas of computer science and digital media.
Our maker space additionally gives all students the opportunity to work on individual and team projects as they pursue interests in computer science and physical computing.
Music or Visual Arts Emphasis is available to 7th through 12th grade students who want the flexibility to build a more serious arts education into their school day, as well as the flexibility to earn credit for serious arts study they are completing outside of school.
We partner with Gifted Music School, an established premier music school, to provide exemplary music instruction and mentorship in 12 instruments and in voice, composition, and music theory.
Our visual artists learn the techniques of painting, drawing, many media, and develop an understanding of how to create a unique work of art.
Physical Education credits at City Academy are earned through Fitness Modules. City Academy offers students choice in team and individual sports modules that they can schedule into their school day. Students also have the flexibility to earn credit for organized athletics and/or physical training they are doing outside of school.
Electives and Interim Intensives are specialized classes offered for credit each year at City Academy for students who want to extend their learning in any of the above subjects and areas. Students may also complete online, self-paced credits or college credits in an even more expanded choice of classes to fit their personal learning plans.