City Academy 
Involved Students - Committees

Developing students as citizens in their communities is integral to what we know encompasses a good middle and high school education. City Academy students are expected to build good habits of mind, heart, voice, and work that are demonstrated each day in our school community. As seniors, they complete service learning internship projects out in the larger community as a part of their graduation requirements. 

At City Academy we believe school is a place to practice being a respectful, responsible, proactive citizen.

For young people to emerge from high school as respectful, responsible, proactive citizens they need opportunity to be involved at school in ways that help them develop those skills. At City Academy each year, every 7th through 12th grade student serves and learns on a school-wide committee that helps take care of an important aspect of our school community.

Student Committees

What do committees do for the school?
Each Committee takes the lead for providing authentic services that are vital to making our school a great place for students and faculty.
Each Committee helps engage other students, staff, parents, and other community members in their endeavors.
What’s in it for students?
A chance to pursue personal interests.
A chance for leadership and involvement opportunities that can be listed on applications for college, scholarships, and jobs.
A chance to feel good about helping improve their school experience.
What are some of the City Academy Committees?
Student Council
Events & Activities
Art & Promotion
Rotary Interact Service Club
Building & Grounds
Library & Literature
Recycle, Reduce, Reuse
Social Media