City Academy 
Music & Visual Art Education

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” (Albert Einstein)

City Academy has a strong commitment to arts education. Even as a small school, and with arts budgets in public schools being reduced across the state, we have prioritized wonderful, rich learning opportunities in the arts in our curriculum for over 20 years. We are proud of both the music and the visual arts programs we offer for their attention to developing skill and building excellence while also nurturing each student to find their own artistic expression.

Gifted Music School

We partner with Gifted Music School (GMS), an established premier music school located on our joint campus. Their faculty provides exemplary music instruction and mentorship. They offer classes and private lessons in 12 instruments including piano, strings, woodwinds, guitar, and ukulele, as well as in voice, composition, and music theory.
Middle school students
Middle school students at City Academy can request to pursue music as a primary emphasis in their elective studies. With no formal audition or application process, the courses in this cohort program are structured to broadly serve students of varying musical backgrounds and disciplines.
High school students
High school students have the opportunity to take group music classes such as voice and guitar taught by GMS teachers. They may also take private music lessons and/or have practice time as a part of their regular school day schedule.
Register for this music private lesson opportunity with GMS here, indicate you are enrolled at City Academy and your tuition is paid by the school.
10th grade parent

"Thank you for giving my son the opportunity to work with his GMS voice teacher. He is now also going to work on piano lessons!! I would never have thought he was interested but amazing things happen when we let our kids explore and grow. Thanks to City for these opportunities and the rest of the amazing extracurricular ops that you all provide!"

Visual Arts

We are fortunate to have an outstanding artist and art educator on our faculty at City Academy, Kristina Lenzi. Art classes 7th through 12th grades are designed to give students the tools, education, and confidence required to create unique art works, challenge yourself, and find what a great outlet and skill art can be.
Art Foundations
Art Foundations classes at City Academy are provided to 7th through 12th grade students. These classes are an individualized, uniquely challenging, and enjoyable introduction to and progression through Fundamentals and Principles of all media, styles, and the cognitive process of creating. Whatever your current skill level, these courses will help you improve what you know, and be able to explore your own style development as well.
Studio Art
Studio Art class is designed for those who want to learn the more advanced techniques of anatomy, composition, and acrylic and/or oil painting. Students will become familiar with techniques of Painting, Drawing, and varied media, and will leave the course with an understanding of how to create a unique work of art. City Academy student artists have built their application portfolios for acceptance to college programs, and have been annually qualified for Utah’s elite Springville Art Competition.
Graphic Design
Graphic Design class explores the concepts and skills relating to the field of Graphic Design. Using digital design, digital painting, and by-hand media, students will explore the job of artists in the field of Design. Students in this course can earn credit for either Fine Arts or Career and Technical Education (CTE).