City Academy 
Real-World Learning

Field Work

where students learn out in our city is a hallmark of our City Academy classes. All teachers find meaningful opportunities to not just take trips, but to engage students in study in their subject areas outside the classroom throughout the school year.

Genuine Real-World Situations

in labs, simulations, debates, interaction with guest presenters, and virtual opportunities additionally enhance student learning across the curriculum in all classes as authentic and appropriate.

See For Yourself

Academic Service Learning is much more than volunteering. Students provide service for a cause or situation they care about, while simultaneously learning in a project-based internship experience with action research, reflection and developed results.
Capstone service learning internship projects senior year are:
An authentic opportunity for students to merge their academic and career passions and intentions with their service and life passions and intentions.
A vehicle for students to demonstrate autonomy, rigor, aspiration, and active citizenship, as well as effective and considered thinking, communication, and other academic skills.
Academic Service Learning is a Win-Win-Win situation!
Students do focused learning while immersed in personally meaningful work,
An organization or recipient benefits from student service, and additionally
The internship placement provides an opportunity for students to develop on-the-job skills and to learn more about careers and/or hobbies for their future.

City Academy graduates have completed Academic Service Learning Internship Projects with 150 different organizations or causes that deal with specific human, animal, environmental, civic, and/or social issues.