City Academy 

Why Are Charter Schools Gaining Popularity?

June 22, 2022

Charter schools are gaining popularity because of their personalized approaches and students are thriving because of it.

Charter schools are tuition-free independent public schools with the autonomy to build a welcoming culture, and to have smaller class sizes.  This allows students to feel good about school and to get more of the one-on-one attention of their teachers. Students are learning better and seem to like school more.

Charter schools have been effective in bringing about an improvement in the performance of students through placing a greater emphasis on implementing more personalized teaching methods.

City Academy has established a school community of meaningful learning with smaller classrooms and personalized approaches to teaching.

Students at City Academy do interesting and personally meaningful learning each day in classrooms where they feel valued, and with teachers who know them, challenge them, and support their learning growth with hands-on and relevant learning experiences.

City Academy is a tuition-free charter school for 7th-12th grades. Go to